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Chrissy Trueman

Special Counsel & Head of Family Law

LLB, GradDip LP, BA, MBA
Accredited Mediator

Chrissy is a Family Lawyer and mediation specialist with a Masters in Business.  Chrissy heads our Family Law team. Her focus on minimising conflict and achieving lasting outcomes combined with her background in investment banking and finance means that she can assist clients in resolving even the most difficult of family law matters.

Before beginning her family law career over 20 years ago, Chrissy worked in investment banking and finance and attained her Masters in Business Administration. Chrissy had the opportunity to take the position as AMP Women’s Investment Adviser where she was responsible for training and educating women in the area of investment and financial planning. Through this role Chrissy was able to empower women with the knowledge and skill to make informed decisions about their finances and set themselves up for a positive and secure future. It is with this same focus on self-determination and building a roadmap for a positive future that Chrissy approaches her work as a family lawyer. Chrissy’s previous career in Investment Banking and finance also allows her to assist clients with the most technical and complex financial aspects of their separation. Having worked as the AMP Women’s Investment Adviser, Chrissy is well versed in equipping people with the knowledge and skills they need to make wise, long-term financial decisions.

Having been through a separation and the family court system herself, Chrissy has first-hand experience of what clients are going through. Family Law disputes, particularly when taken to court, can be long, costly and unnecessarily confrontational for all those involved. In order to achieve more durable, fulfilling and effective outcomes for clients, Chrissy has gained mediation accreditation and looks to resolve disputes for clients out of court, whenever possible.