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Wesley Day


Many commercial lawyers want to tell you that they “understand your business” but, in truth, haven’t ever been in business for themselves. So how could they possibly understand your business?

Wes is the exception.

For more than 10 years Wes managed a successful business in road and sea freight logistics, waste management and civil construction. He still runs a business which helps business owners grow their operations and build their franchise network.

So when Wes is reading your documents, or advising your business, he’s not just doing it with his legal abilities – he’s doing it with decades of experience as a business owner himself.

With his business and legal experience he knows which issues matter, and which issues don’t. He understands your key concerns and needs as a business owner.

And in truth, ask yourself what you really want. A lawyer to tell you the law, or a lawyer to help you succeed?

If business success is the answer, then Wes Day is the right lawyer for it.