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Close Commercial Deals with Franchise Business Lawyers

When you’ve decided to purchase or sell your business, it’s advisable to hire legal assistance in the form of franchise business lawyers. As a result, you’ll protect your investment and will be confident that you’re following all the processes legally. TWC Lawyers have extensive experience, particularly in business, as we have been in the position that you currently find yourself.
Franchising Lawyer

Benefits of Hiring a Franchise Lawyer On the Gold Coast

Committing a legal error can be devastating for a small to medium enterprise. Large corporate companies possess the resources to combat legal battles efficiently, but relatively new franchises may suffer losses to their financial standing and reputation.

  • As an entrepreneur, nobody expects you to know everything relating to commercial law. A franchise lawyer has spent years training and educating themselves to become an invaluable asset to business owners. We keep up to date with any changes in legislation to assist when you’re in trouble and provide advice to prevent you from making legal errors in the first place.
  • The point of hiring a commercial lawyer is to protect your business interests. Whether you’re about to sell your franchise or purchase one, you need someone with the relevant knowledge to act and speak on your behalf. A qualified lawyer assists in keeping you in line with the law by providing your employees with their entitled rights or demonstrating your terms and conditions to your clients.
  • It’s easy to allow your emotions to sway your decision regarding litigation. It’s a critical decision to make as it could affect your company’s reputation and revenue streams if you don’t handle the situation correctly. Having a commercial lawyer by your side provides you with sufficient guidance from a legal perspective.

Tips for Hiring a Franchise Lawyer in Brisbane

There are numerous law firms in the country, each with their positive attributes. However, it’s up to you to identify the perfect lawyers for you to recruit in Brisbane.

  • There aren’t better testimonials than from people whom you know and trust. Don’t be afraid to ask them for recommendations. You might find a law firm that someone you know worked with previously and they could be the perfect match for your company.
  • If you can’t find any reputable lawyer through word of mouth, inspect the social media pages of a firm that interests you. Current franchise lawyers realise the integral role social media plays and often provide ample information on these sites. Visit their LinkedIn profiles and read the reviews of other users and the content the firm posts.
  • Before you hire a law firm, you’re entitled to ask questions relating to your case. A reputable commercial lawyer will furnish you with answers to your questions and then provide a quotation for their services. Once you’ve done this, you can be comfortable with hiring the law firm.


So you’ve found a potential franchise and you want to “buy in” ASAP right?

But before putting your hard-earned cash into a franchise, it’s a good idea to know the ups and downs of what you’re getting yourself in for.

That means you need a high quality, practical review of the business and the documents to highlight any risks you might be unexpectedly taking on.

What you DON’T need is a 63 page essay on franchising law, written in legal gibberish, that you can’t understand and which doesn’t offer any real value to you at all.

Our review process for franchisees ensures that:

  • We understand where you’re coming from;
  • We give you the advice you actually need; and
  • You understand that advice and why it matters.
  • Anything less than that and we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right.

We’re also happy to team up with your accountant (or if you don’t have one, we can give you a recommendation) to check over the numbers and ensure that you’re getting a holistic analysis of the business you’re looking to buy.

Don’t put up with slow, meaningless advice that doesn’t give you any actual help – get practical, useful and targeted advice on the important issues from our dedicated franchising lawyers at TWC.

Need a Franchising Lawyer Now?

Get in touch with Wes Day, our resident franchising lawyer, and he’ll talk you through the process, fixed fees and timeframes to get your franchise needs met.

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