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Legal Expertise Without The Usual Rubbish

Legal Expertise Without The Usual Rubbish

With fixed fees for most matters, free initial appointments and no-nonsense advice, we’re the lawyers you need.
TWC Lawyers brings together lawyers Tam Elabbasi and Wes Day, and it’s not because of the similarities between their practice areas.
Tam, Wes and the team share something more important: an outlook on how clients should be treated by their lawyers. Just check out some of our reviews.
That means TWC Lawyers is going to give you:
  • Awesome service from skilful lawyers;
  • Real advice that isn’t sugar-coated or in legalese;
  • Fixed fees (in most cases).
You don’t find that combination just anywhere. Below you’re going to find out why.


Every person says the same thing: getting bills way higher than you expect simply sucks.
We agree with you.
But for some reason, legal fees from traditional firms in criminal and commercial matters can easily spiral out of control. That’s no good for you, and it’s no good for us.
That’s why, in most cases, TWC Lawyers do work on a fixed fee basis.
Whether it’s a criminal, traffic offence, conveyancing or a commercial/ franchising matter – you’ll always know what your invoices are going to be, so there’s no ugly surprises.

So how can we offer fixed fees across the board?

First we’re knowledgeable in our fields. We understand our job inside out and back-to-front. We can gauge very quickly how complicated your matter’s going to be, and because of that we’re comfortable taking the risk of your legal fees by telling you up front what they’re going to be.
Next it’s because we’re efficient. Our systems are geared towards getting things done comprehensively and quickly, and there are no rewards for us taking longer to get your work done.
Finally it’s because we’d rather be spending time working on helping solve your legal concerns than on constantly updating your fee estimates.
More certainty. Better results.
That’s a win/win. So contact us now for a free chat.