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What Sets TWC Lawyers Apart Among Gold Coast Law Firms?

Choosing a lawyer in Gold Coast requires more than selecting someone based on experience alone. If that was the only criteria, your search might be a short one. However, such a process is likely to lead you to one common result — serious bill shock. At TWC Lawyers, we’ve worked hard to differentiate our services in several ways, including:

• In most cases we have a fixed fee structure. We settle on what you will pay for our services upfront — no need to wait for an invoice only to discover it is many orders of magnitude larger than you expected. With a fee schedule that’s set-in stone once we begin providing you with legal assistance, you can plan and budget with ease.
• Our free phone consultations. We know not everyone can take the time to schedule an appointment for a free consultation on the details of their case or specific needs. With a telephone chat, we can provide you with some initial guidance free of charge.
• Our commitment to client satisfaction and understanding. From breaking down legal jargon into something more understandable to achieving the ideal outcome for a given situation, we work hard to ensure you see results from your investment.

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