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Setting up your initial set of terms and conditions and agreements will form the legal foundation of a new business.

While many people prefer to avoid lawyers when budgets are tight and you’re in “startup mode” that’s often not a good decision. Many disputes in established companies revolve around what was said, by whom, and what it meant when the business was started.

The problem is that without these documents, there’s nothing which clearly shows how your business was formed, what it was meant to do, who’s responsible for which costs or liabilities, and who takes what benefits if the business is sold down the track.

As well as the documents which govern the relationship between you and your internal partners, you need documents which govern your external relationships with suppliers, customers, and the world at large. These protect you and make your life easier as you get on with actually running your business day to day.

Finally, you need to understand how the documents work and what you need to do to let them do their jobs. We can help you establish efficient processes so that your supply agreements, customer agreements and terms are all doing their jobs properly.

Once you’ve got the initial documents and the processes set up and running smoothly, it’s a lot like going to the dentist – you might need an occasional checkup, but provided you’re looking after things right nothing drastic should happen unless you want it to.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, supply, internet business or brick and mortar stores we can make sure your documentation is compliant and useful to protect you. 

That might include:

  • Terms and Conditions;
  • Partnership agreements with your partners;
  • Directors and shareholder agreements;
  • Terms of use and privacy documents;
  • Supply or Distribution agreements;
  • Intellectual property documents and registration (trademarks, for example).

Our business lawyers will help you establish your business the right way, so it can last the distance.

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