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Criminal Lawyer Brisbane and Gold Coast

As criminal lawyers serving clients in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounds we have a bunch of experience helping our clients get out of, negotiate or mitigate the consequences of charges that might be made against them for criminal offences. 

Crimes against people are some of the more significant matters that criminal lawyers deal with. They are treated very seriously in Queensland and can have significant penalties. These types of alleged crime include a variety of circumstances where people are harmed, or may have been harmed, through unlawful conduct.

Criminal Lawyers
Criminal Lawyers Brisbane and Gold Coast


Speak to us before you speak to the police.

This is the absolute most important thing that you must do if you’ve been charged with a crime, are under investigation or even just think you might be charged with a crime.

And it’s just as true whether you are completely innocent of the alleged crime or whether you have concerns about the outcome.

We can help you understand:

  • The risks and benefits of speaking to the police about your circumstances;
  • What should and should not be said during a police interview (and whether you should agree to an interview at all);
  • Whether or not the police even have a realistic basis for charging you; and
  • The ways in which you might be able to get the charges against you dropped or the possible penalties minimised.
    These are things that we strongly believe you should know before you participate in an interview with police. That way you can make good decisions based on solid advice.

Below are a few specific examples of the areas we can help in, but we can’t emphasise more strongly the need to call us before speaking with the police.

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