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One of the many duties police have is legal obligation to uphold the public peace. Because of this, there are certain offences you might be charged with when there wasn’t even a complaint to police. Such offences can be as follows:

  • Begging in a public place;
  • Being drunk in a public place;
  • Public Nuisance; and
  • Sale of potentially harmful things.

With that said, there can be public peace offences which do require a complainant such as:

  • Graffiti;
  • Threatening violence;
  • Trespass; and
  • Using a motor vehicle without permission.

Although these are not at the most serious end of criminal charges in Queensland, they can have long lasting effects on a person convicted of them. In some cases, even where you are guilty of the offence, it might be possible to have police withdraw the charge in Court and instead issue an infringement notice. You might even be able to successfully defend the charges in Court.

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