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Seek Help in Difficult Situations from Family Lawyers in Brisbane and Gold Coast

The situations which call for partnering with family lawyers in Brisbane are often stressful, highly emotional, and challenging for many of those involved. You may have questions about the divorce process, or you may currently be in the midst of a possibly acrimonious separation. With property, finances, and potentially even custody of children involved in the process, it is vital to have a family lawyer in Southport you can trust to guide you through this trying time.

At TWC Lawyers, we field an experienced and dedicated team of legal professionals ready to provide you with a neutral point of view on your situation, plus advice on how to proceed. With a range of services available and a fee structure that is much more fair and equitable to individuals of all income levels, we hope to provide the support you require to do what’s best for you and your family. How can we help?

Family Lawyers

Recently separated and wondering when you will see the kids next? Or wondering whether the kids are being adequately cared for when they spend time with your former partner?

Haven’t heard from your former spouse for a while, only to suddenly receive a wordy solicitor’s letter claiming your former spouse is entitled to half of your super, plus you need to sell your house?

Do I even need a divorce?

Is there physical, emotional or financial abuse?

What takes priority, parenting and children or financial matters?

Or you and your ex-partner are on good terms and need assistance to formalise your separation?

As a step parent, what are my rights to continue a relationship with my step children?

TWC Lawyers deal with these types of family law matters on a daily basis. Our experienced family law team deals with:

  • Child custody;
  • Child support;
  • Divorce or Separation;
  • Financial arrangements;
  • Property settlement;
  • Family mediation; and
  • Spousal maintenance.

We offer fixed fees where possible, or as a minimum a fixed range of fees for each step of your matter so you are fully aware at the outset of the costs involved.

Problems Family Law Firms in Gold Coast and Brisbane Can Help to Address

Family law is a highly complex field comprising many different aspects, not just those pertaining to separation and divorce. There are many “quirks” to the law in this area, and it is not often easy for the average person to know what to do. Some of the most common problems we help our clients address include:

  • Confusion over how to follow the legal guidelines that define separation and ultimately lead to divorce. As these laws may vary from state to state, you may not always be familiar with those that apply to your situation. We can help you sort out the process of going through a divorce here.
  • The need for mediation between two parties in a family that cannot come to an equitable agreement. Sometimes a third party is necessary to provide the perspective that neither side can achieve on their own. We offer a fair setting for mediating disputes and working to achieve compromise and stability.
  • Settlement of property, financial arrangements, and spousal maintenance. Don’t let your assets hang in the balance when going through a separation. Ensure you protect your needs without causing undue conflict in the process.
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Guna Ramu
Guna Ramu
Samuel Hwang Senior Associate was helping me with my case. After 2 years of battle we won the case. Thank you for Samuel, my barrister Isaac and TWC lawyers for helping me all the way to the end. When I thought I lost my life, they helped me and changed my life. Very friendly and treated me as a friend than a client. Very supportive and very helpful. I highly recommend TWC lawyers. Special thanks to Sam Hwang and my barrister Isaac, I admire your composure, work ethic and most of all excellent representation. You both have stuck by me through the years in dealing with this very stressful case. And we got the best result in the end. My most sincere thanks for the most professional representation.
Jamie Hall
Jamie Hall
Tam from TWC Lawyers recently handled a matter for me, and got me best possible result. Tam and his team were amazing in handling this matter, tam was always available to answer any questions I had and was super easy to talk to, just a great down to earth guy. I can’t thank Tam and the rest of his team enough and I 100% recommend TWC Lawyers to anyone that needs legal help.
Javier Spicer
Javier Spicer
Rodney Keyte resolved my matter promptly and with ease. He clearly and calmly explained my situation, was always available for guidance and was extremely professional. I am very grateful for his advice and the great outcome!
Rachael Marks
Rachael Marks
Thank you Tam for being such a gun! You got the best outcome possible for me and I can not thank you enough. Your hard work, professionalism and drive is a credit to you. I’ll never forget your kindness and for going above and beyond.
abdul obeid
abdul obeid
Prompt service, great and easy to deal with, made you feel like everything was going to be good and it was took on my case last minute and smashed it.
Sione Ngalu
Sione Ngalu
Just finished up my case today thanks to Sam for representing me always answered my calls and gave me the best advice showed up whenever I needed him really appreciative of the outcome big thanks to Sam much appreciated.
Michelle Winter
Michelle Winter
Very professional as well as personal, dealt with both Jacinta and Samuel. Provided regular contact with us, so glad we had TWC Lawyers supporting us during this stressful time.
Glenn Lyons
Glenn Lyons
How to remain free 101 Step 1: Remain calm and contact TWC Lawyers Step 2: Do as they advise Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit
Jethro Fuller
Jethro Fuller
Samual Hwang was straightforward, honest and authentic. He handled the case very well and helped me foresee possible outcomes to allow us to make educated decisions best for my situation. He communicated respectfully and effectively with the police displaying a positive impression of ourselves as he represented me. Great to see QUT alumni doing great things in the real world!
Janita Radford
Janita Radford
We called TWC Lawyers regarding an extremely stressful situation. Rodney returned our call very quickly and was clear, concise and calm. The problem was resolved in a matter of days and we are immensely grateful to Rodney for his understanding, efficiency and professionalism. We highly recommend Rodney and TWC!!