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Negotiated Sentence on Assault Charge


Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm


AOBH attracts a maximum of 7 years imprisonment.
Our client was involved in a public place altercation which may also attract community service work by the Defendant.


Whilst our instructions were to plead guilty, further evidence uncovered through CCTV footage was favourable for our client. Taking the time to request and review this footage, we were able to draft submissions. This opened the door for us to case conference with Police Prosecutions to attain a happy medium for all involved. Other issues that required attention was that our client was facing community service work. Our client was working two jobs at the time and community service work would have been near impossible. Further, a conviction being recorded could have had an adverse effect on one of his employment positions.


Our client was fined a total of $1,500 including a $500 restitution payment to the Victim. We averted community service and importantly, there was no recording of a conviction.

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