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Coercive Control Laws in Queensland – A Dog’s Breakfast

In 2023, the Queensland Government proudly introduced and passed amending legislation designed to criminalise behaviour in intimate personal relationships known as “coercive control”. In doing so it joined a variety of other States around Australia with similar laws. To many, this was a long awaited positive development in the policing of certain types of domestic …

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What’s the Difference between Murder and Manslaughter?

If you unlawfully cause someone’s death, the likely charges that could be laid against you in Queensland are going to be either murder or manslaughter. But what’s the difference between murder and manslaughter? When might you get charged with one or the other, and what are the consequences of each? As you’ll see in this …

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Trafficking in Dangerous Drugs

Drug trafficking is a serious offence in Queensland In this blog, we will discuss the issue of drug trafficking in Queensland, the types of dangerous drugs being trafficked, the laws in place to combat drug trafficking, and the consequences of being involved in drug trafficking. Types of Dangerous Drugs Trafficked in Queensland Queensland has seen …

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Proceeds of Crime Qld

You’ve probably seen this happen sometimes: A person who is the subject of criminal charges gets an interview on TV for which they are paid – and widespread commentary suggests they shouldn’t be able to “profit from their crime”. Of course it’s not as simple of that. So what happens if you are accused of, …

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Gun Laws in Australia

Is it legal to own a gun in Australia? The short answer is yes… sort of, sometimes. The gun laws in Australia allow you to own a gun as long as you have the requisite documents. Below we’ll look at everything you need to abide by Australian gun laws, specifically focused on the laws in …

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Understanding Wilful Damage

Wilful damage is one of the most commonly reported crime in Australia. So what is wilful damage, when might you be charged, what are the penalties and possible defences? What is Wilful Damage? Wilful damage is a misdemeanour that arises if someone “wilfully and unlawfully” damages any property. As you can imagine, this is a …

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